Bitgert Swap and Bridge

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Trade, Earn and Bridge crypto with the first Swap
on the Bitgert (Brise) Blockchain!

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With us you can Swap and Bridge your tokens on Bitgert

With IcecreamSwap you can swap your tokens on Bitgert (Brise) just as you are used to from Uniswap or Pancakeswap. You can also use your tokens to provide liquidity and earn yields. The Swap is fully decentralized, trustless and uses the Uniswap V2 Smart Contracts, which are battle-tested for multiple years now to provide you the maximum security. Thanks to the Bitgert blockchain transactions are basically free. Also you can also use the Bridge to transfer tokens between Bitgert and other Blockchains.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Swap uses the Uniswap V2 smart contracts which makes it inherit all security and audits from it. This basically means you have the security of Uniswap on Bitgert.

Navigate via the “Swap Now” button to the swap, select Bitgert in your MetaMask, select your input & output tokens and how much of the input token you want to swap. Now just press the button below.

Many AirDrops and 5/6 of the trading fees will be distributed across all liquidity providers. Currently the AirDrops are 5% which results in 1000% compounded APY. The amount of AirDrops slowly decreases over time, so be fast!

Yes, it launched on 10.06.2022 19:00 CET via an AirDrop for all liquidity providers. and purely gets distributed via AirDrops to our real users.

An Airdrop is an great way to reward early liquidity providers and distribute the token fairly. Currently we have weekly AirDrops for liquiidty providers and AirDrops for traders will follow.

Thanks to the Bitgert (Brise) Blockchain the gas fees are insanely low,
you will be able to make hundreds of swaps with less than $0.01 in gas fees!
In comparision a single Swap on Uniswap costs between $10 and $100.

All thanks to the Bitgert Blockchain.

Everyone can see the verified Smart Contracts on, addresses are:
Factory: 0x9E6d21E759A7A288b80eef94E4737D313D31c13f
Router02: 0xBb5e1777A331ED93E07cF043363e48d320eb96c4
as you can verify yourself, the Contracts are the original UniswapV2 Contracts.

The address for the IceCream token on Bitgert is: 0xB999Ea90607a826A3E6E6646B404c3C7d11fa39D

In many cases that is due to beeing rate limited by the official Bitgert RPC endpoints, you can use our community endpoint:
If that does not solve your issues, just ask on our Telegram or Discord, that’s where they are for!

Most likely you got rate limited by the Bitgert RPC. Just switch to our community RPC at and your issues should resolve.